5 Mobile Apps Every Clinical Research Associate Should Have

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Mobile apps are designed to make our lives easier, right? You probably already have a plethora of apps on your phone. Whether you’re checking your bank account, sending money with Venmo, posting photos on Instagram, etc., we use many apps daily in our personal lives.

Since there now seems to be an app for anything and everything, we can start using apps to make our work lives easier, too! You likely already have a few of our suggestions, but we highly recommend that you download each of the apps listed below to make your life far more efficient as a Clinical Research Associate!

5 Best Mobile Apps for CRAs

1. Best Mobile Apps to Provide you with Directions

Google Maps and/or Waze are apps that help with driving (and walking) directions. We advise having both apps on your phone in case one app is not functioning as it should.

2. Mobile Apps for Car Share/Taxi Services

If you are traveling without a car, the UBER and/or Lyft app will get you where you need to go.

3. Best Mobile App for Reviewing Medications: Pharmacopoeia

This is a must when reviewing source documents and medical records!

The Pharmacopoeia app (search Pharmacopoeia or Drug Medication Guide in the app store to download the latest app) helps you with confirming prescription medication dose levels, indications, and timing of administration.

If you prefer a hard copy with this type of information, books in pocket form are available for purchase too.

4. Mobile Apps to Help you Get Food

It may be difficult to find time to go out for lunch when monitoring or you may prefer to eat dinner in your hotel room rather than going to a restaurant after a long day of monitoring. Either way, UBER Eats, GrubHub and/or DoorDash will enable you to eat a meal in the location you choose.

5. Air Travel Apps

Downloading the mobile app for the airline you are using for your travels is the best way to stay up to date on your travel itinerary and will allow you to plan accordingly for delays.

More Mobile Apps for Clinical Research Professionals?

Increase your efficiency even further by creating a folder for your work apps so that you know where to quickly find what you need!

Please comment below with any apps for Clinical Research Professionals that we may have missed – and we may add it to a future list!


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