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Email Swipe Copy

Hello [NAME],

I am interested in taking the ClinEssentials CTM Training Course and wonder if [COMPANY NAME] may be able to cover all or a portion of the course cost by utilizing my continuing education or other benefit.

The course teaches the responsibilities of a Clinical Trial Manager from Study Start-Up to Study Close-Out. Participants learn CTM processes and team management skills and also get to work on practical applications of real CTM scenarios.

CTM Training Course participants receive a certificate of completion, expert instruction, lifetime access to course content, CE hours, CTM job aides and resources, proven strategies, and more.

As a student, I will have direct access to the course instructor, Tiffany Ashton, who has 20 years (10 of which as a CTM) of experience in Clinical Research.

Attached is an informational flyer about the course. You can also visit the website for additional information and to read the testimonials.

I want to take the CTM Training Course because [INSERT REASON HERE].

Would [COMPANY NAME] consider covering all or a portion of the course cost by utilizing my continuing education or other benefit? What are my next steps?

Based on the detailed course structure and testimonials, I believe the CTM Training Course will help me improve my job performance and work more efficiently or will help me prepare to become a CTM so I can hit the ground running. Thank you for your consideration.



If your employer would like more information,

please have them email us at CTMCourse@ClinEssentials.com.
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