4 Ways ClinEssentials Tools Can Benefit Your Company

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ClinEssentials knows how frustrating it can be for each hiccup to result in much longer trial times and budget overspend. That’s why we develop products that save CRAs time by streamlining communication with their clinical research site teams.

These are 4 proven ways that tools from ClinEssentials benefit Sponsors and CROs.

1. ClinEssentials Tools are an incentive for Clinical Research Professionals to choose your organization

Clinical Research Professionals from all over the world have heard about ClinEssentials and used the products. They know that this will make a significant difference in their job.

A Sponsor or CRO that provides ClinEssentials products will stand out from other organizations.

A discussion of ClinEssentials’ time-saving tools can be used in the interview process to demonstrate your organization’s dedication to your employees and the highest quality research. 

Candidates appreciate an organization that prioritizes its employees by utilizing products that maximize efficiency and increase effectiveness. 

Some Sponsors and CROs have taken this a step further by welcoming new CRAs with a CRA Tools Padfolio or the CRA Starter Bundle. It’s a great way to make a new team member feel valued from the start!

2. ClinEssentials provides user-friendly products for CRAs at all levels

Whether someone is new to clinical research or has worked in the industry for years, ClinEssentials products are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. 

New CRAs benefit from the pre-printed phrases on CRA Audit Notes, which help guide them when monitoring.  They also act as a training tool to help learn the appropriate use of industry phrases. 

Seasoned CRAs benefit from not having to write the same correction over and over for multiple patient charts. When inheriting a new site, CRAs use the CRA Audit Notes to see trends and areas of focus thereby significantly decreasing the learning process.

Imagine the advantage a CRA would have if they took over a site and had access to the most recent Action Item Lists and Visit To Do List. The transition time would be shortened – and the trial would not be delayed.

3. ClinEssentials Resources help provide a better work/life balance for CRAs and CRCs

CRAs use CRA Audit Notes to provide sites with a clear road map of what needs to be completed prior to their next visit, and therefore leave the site feeling more accomplished.

Their increased efficiency means that CRAs get more work done in less time. So, they have more time to spend doing what they enjoy – and they are less susceptible to burnout!

With a major industry-wide shortage of CRAs, creating more opportunities for productivity and streamlined processes will allow studies to run with fewer CRAs.

4. Research trial sites love the ClinEssentials Tools, too!

Investigator sites want to have productive site visits as much as CRAs – and they see the value in the organizational tools as well. 

Many trial sites use the CRA Audit Notes & Acrylic Holder. The increased communication that the tools provide and the improved ability for all members of the clinical research site team to be on the same page make studies run more smoothly – and successfully. 

How to get started using ClinEssentials Tools

Check out our time-saving tools for Clinical Research Professionals in our online store. Stop losing precious time and instead provide your clinical research teams with valuable resources so they can complete clinical trials successfully and on time.


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