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“The Introduction to Clinical Research Guidebook is the perfect material for beginners, intermediate to skilled and experienced people in the Clinical Research Industry to enhance their skillsets and find opportunities based on their interests. The guidebook provides diverse pathways, and clear and concise information of each role in the Clinical Industry.”

 ~Nithya V.

The Introduction to Clinical Research Guidebook is the only guide you need as you navigate your career in Clinical Research. It is a comprehensive resource you can trust, written by industry professionals with 20+ years of knowledge and experience to share. The Guidebook is loaded with valuable information, including fundamental facts, career pathways, suggested training and certifications, trusted websites and resources, pro tips, steps to Clinical Research career success, and more.

PLUS, your Guidebook comes with the Clinical Research Facts to Know Email Series. These weekly emails take less than 3 minutes to read and are indispensable for improving and magnifying your understanding of the Clinical Research industry.

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Common Clinical Research Careers & Career Paths


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10 Steps to Start Your Career Journey


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  • Publication Date: February 6, 2024
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