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Current registration session is now closed.  Next live course starts August 28th! Get on the waitlist to be notified when registration opens.
Elevate your qualifications, competence, and confidence as a CTM in only six weeks!

Aspiring, New, and Current Clinical Trial Managers: Get on the life-changing fast track to CTM career success! Stop feeling unqualified, ill-equipped, or intimidated by the CTM role. Instead, enroll in the course that teaches the key strategies and proven methods you need to know to take on your responsibilities with ease and effectively manage a clinical trial from Start-Up to Close-Out.

The All Access + LIVE CTM Training Course significantly outrivals the training offered by hiring companies. Boost your confidence and competence through professional guidance, meaningful mentorship, and beneficial practical application while building genuine relationships with peers and leaders in the Clinical Research industry. 

Jump to the top of the list when applying for CTM jobs and promotions. All of this and more in just six weeks. Are you ready to give your life and career a much-needed upgrade? Jump on the fast-track to success!

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Here's What Course Participants Receive

Over 12 hours of LIVE, hands-on, expert instruction and mentorship from CTM mastermind Tiffany Ashton

✓ The REAL how-to’s of Clinical Trial Management: secrets even your employer and mentors haven’t shared (or may not know)

✓ Lifetime access to course content and detailed videos covering CTM responsibilities from Start-Up to Close-Out to reference throughout the longevity of your Clinical Research career

✓ Extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to help you successfully manage a clinical trial and a research team

✓ Unique opportunity to apply concepts learned and gain meaningful experience with real-life CTM scenarios through a comprehensive CTM Activity Workbook 

✓ Exclusive job aides and checklists promote work-life balance by helping you become more efficient and productive at work - created by experienced CTMs for course participants only 

✓ A proven salary negotiation tip to help you secure at least $5K more than your first offer

✓ Special invitation to submit your resume for a CTM role with one of the top CROs or Clinical Research recruitment firms (must meet job qualifications to be considered)

✓ Best practices for resume writing, interviews, becoming a CTM contractor, and more

✓ 20 Continuing Education Hours and a Certificate of Completion that employers affirm helps job applicants stand out

✓ Free membership to the CTM Training Exclusive Group during the course and for one year after; continue to learn, network, and attend LIVE Office Hour sessions even after course completion!

Terms & Conditions

We understand things come up and circumstances change, so refunds are available upon request before you receive full access to the course content. Multiple course payment options are available, including pay in full or monthly payments over 6 or 12 months. Please note: if you are unable to honor your payment plan, we will have to suspend your lifetime access to course content until your payments are complete.

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