Deliver Your Clinical Research Studies On Time & Within Budget

Online Training for Clinical Trial Managers

Being a CTM is rewarding but also intense and challenging

Too many Clinical Research Professionals get thrown into the deep end and find themselves drowning. They spend more time putting out fires than actually running the study, and often end up overworked and exhausted.

This Training Teaches the 3 Skills Every CTM Needs (and much more)

Manage Your Team

Gain a thorough understanding of roles and expectations for yourself and others on your teams. Efficiently collaborate with other departments so your studies are delivered on time and within budget.

Know the Process Inside and Out

Know how to confidently and efficiently lead a clinical trial without hitches.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools that lead to greater organization, higher-quality work and better results.

Tackle Challenges With Confidence

Gain the background knowledge and experience to know what to do when faced with a challenge – and trusted resources to reach out to if/when needed.

About the ClinEssentials CTM Training

At ClinEssentials, we are Clinical Research Professionals, just like you. With over 22 years of experience, we love working in clinical research, and we also understand the challenges CTMs face every day.

We believe even the best CTMs can benefit from training and tools to help them become a leader in the field: a trusted peer who other CTMs come to for advice, opinions and solutions.

From study award and kick-off meeting through the final eTMF closure, this training will walk you through how a CTM is involved in each stage of a study and the appropriate actions to consider.

This is the training we wish we would have had!

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