Feel Overwhelmed, Under Prepared, or Intrigued about the Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) Role?

If you are a current Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) or you are looking to become a CTM in the future, this course will teach you the key strategies Clinical Professionals use to manage their studies from Start-Up to Close-Out. This is CTM training beyond what hiring companies offer, with professional guidance and proven methods to make you confident as a CTM.

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What Students Are Saying About the ClinEssentials CTM Training Course

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I have no doubt the valuable knowledge we gained [through the CTM Training Course] will help us land a CTM role within our current company or a competitor. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a goal of becoming a CTM. You get lifetime access to materials. What more can you ask for?

Christine N., Clinical Research Associate

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This course has been great – all the content of the modules, the slides, and the videos have been so detailed and really helpful. It has really given me an overview and an idea more clearly about what the CTM role is like and what to expect going into it!

Claudia A., Site PM

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This course not only let us know the basics of how a trial should run and how to do the monitoring, but also the leadership and communication skills that are significant for any CTM role!

Sadaf M., Clinical Research Associate, Site PM

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The material covered in this course is relevant, industry standard, and empowers students with exactly what is needed to become a successful CTM.

Jeslyn A., Clinical Research Associate

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As a rookie CTM, it was extremely beneficial to receive oversight of a CTM’s role and responsibilities during all phases of a study. We learned many practical pro tips that I wouldn’t have known about without the CTM Training Course. The course helped to set me up with knowledge and good organizational habits from the start. Having had the opportunity to ask case-specific questions during the live training and Q&A sessions elevated my confidence in conducting my day-to-day tasks!! Thank you for a wonderful course!

Wilna B., New Clinical Trial Manager

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This is the new way to have courses; much more valuable than a university. There’s no place else to learn it. And Tiffany is one of the only people who could have taught it. 

— Dan Sfera, The Clinical Trials Guru

This Training Teaches the 4 Skills Every CTM Needs (and much more!)

Manage Your Team

Gain a thorough understanding of roles and expectations for yourself and others on your teams. Discover communication techniques and resources that help teams effectively work together. Learn ways to efficiently collaborate with other departments so your studies are delivered on time and within budget.

Know the Process Inside and Out

From Study Award to Start-Up to Maintenance to Close-Out, equip yourself with the knowledge and tools that lead to greater organization, high-quality work, and better results. We will dive into the details of how a CTM is involved in each study phase. From feasibility to site initiation to last patient last visit to database lock and clinical study report, the course will cover it all!

Practical Application

We learn best by experience, so we will take what we learn in the course and apply it to real-life CTM situations. You will have opportunities to think critically about how you would choose to problem-solve with specific examples. Your trainer will guide you with other things to consider, and will ultimately share how to arrive at various solutions to many of the challenges you may face as a CTM.

The Key To Future Success

After we walk through all of the critical parts of the CTM role, the training concludes with a focus on your future! You will have a golden opportunity to put the proven resume writing and salary negotiating tips (how to get at least $5K more than your original offer!) you learn to immediate use! Contact information will be provided to those who qualify for possible resume submission for a CTM role with a top CRO. The future is bright in the Clinical Research industry – especially when you have experience and the best resources at your fingertips!

This Is The Training We Wish We Would Have Had!


Join our expert instructor, Tiffany Ashton, in this ALL-Access + LIVE Training!


Limited seats available! Join the waitlist and be the first to know when registration opens.

All Access + LIVE Training

The LIVE training is recommended for new Clinical Trial Managers or those looking to transition into the CTM role for the best opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the role as well as to ask questions and receive detailed responses.

Here's what you’ll get

Here's what you get

  • 5 LIVE 2-Hour Training Sessions with Our Expert Instructor,Tiffany Ashton, who is quickly becoming the GO-TO Clinical Research resource for questions, training, speaking opportunities, and career advice.

  • Expert Instruction via detailed videos and self-paced learning modules covering CTM responsibilities from Study Award and Start-Up to Maintenance and Close-Out.This is when we dive in deep to how a CTM is involved in each phase.

  • CTM Activity Workbook for practical application of concepts learned. By experiencing real CTM scenarios in a safe space with education and expert guidance, you will gain the bandwidth to successfully manage similar circumstances in your job. Click here for an example from the CTM activity workbook.

  • CTM specific job aides, checklists, and flow charts created and used by seasoned professionals. These resources are only available for course participants and will help you be efficient and productive on the job! Click here for a sample checklist.

  • Best Practices for Resume writing, interviews, salary negotiation, and being a CTM contractor from Clinical Research Professionals with over 15 years of experience. Learn a proven strategy for how to get at least $5K more than your original offer!

  • Opportunity to Submit Your Resume for a CTM Role with one of the top CROs that is looking for qualified individuals who have completed the CTM Training Course.

  • Professional Guidance and Proven Strategies to successfully manage a clinical trial and a research team. The knowledge and tools gained will lead to greater confidence in your role, increased efficiency and organization, high-quality work, and better results.

  • Certificate of completion that can be provided to your employer and added to your resume as a continuing education course.

  • FREE membership to the CTM Training Exclusive Group during the course AND for 3 months after! This is an opportunity to interact with other course participants, continue learning, receive additional helpful tips, have access to the instructor during Office Hours, and be connected with other Clinical Professionals whose career paths are similar to yours. This unique combination of networking and education is an opportunity to build relationships, gain knowledge, and propel your career forward!

  • Access to the CTM Training Supplemental Library that includes additional learning videos that go further in depth into specific CTM tasks, such as vendor management, monitoring trip report review and vendor invoice reviews, just to name a few!

  • Lifetime access to course materials that can be easily referenced and utilized throughout your career.

Limited seats available! Join the waitlist and be the first to know when registration opens.

If You Have At Least 1-2 Years of Clinical Research Experience,

the All-Access + LIVE CTM Training Course Is For You If:

You are a new Clinical Trial Manager who was thrown into the role and could benefit from tips, resources, and training.

You are an experienced Clinical Research Associate or other Clinical Research Professional who wants to become a Clinical Trial Manager.

You are a Sponsor or CRO who wants to provide training for your new(er) Clinical Trial Managers to enable them to be successful in their role.

You currently work as a Clinical Trial Manager (or would like to be in a CTM role) at a Sponsor or CRO company.

Meet the expert instructor For The CTM Course

Tiffany Ashton


Tiffany Ashton

Meet the expert instructor For The CTM Course

Tiffany Ashton


Tiffany Ashton, MAS, CCRA, is a seasoned Clinical Research Professional who has earned a BA from San Diego State University, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research from the University of California, San Diego, an ACRP Certified Clinical Research Associate designation, and a Certificate in Clinical Trials Design and Management. In addition, Tiffany possesses an impressive and eclectic list of therapeutic experience which include: Oncology, Rare Disease, Gene Therapy, CNS, Gastroenterology, amongst others.

With nearly 20 years’ experience working as a highly respected professional in the community, Tiffany has served various Clinical Research roles, including the last 10 years as a consultant in the Clinical Trial Manager role. Tiffany’s firsthand industry specific expertise is second to none. She strives to make a true and lasting impact, knowing that the key to success is what she can do for others.

As the Director of Operations at ClinEssentials, Tiffany utilizes her experience within the Clinical Research Industry to understand the pressures that Clinical Research Professionals face on a daily basis. In this role, she works to strategically address challenges, overcome obstacles, provide critical guidance, and sharpen skills to elevate careers to the next level.

Tiffany will bring her experience to the course attendees to ensure they walk away feeling prepared to take on any clinical study as a CTM.

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