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Tiffany Ashton

Join Expert Instructor, Tiffany Ashton, for the ClinEssentials CTM Training Course


Wednesday, January 17, 2024
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Tiffany Ashton

This is your opportunity to learn more about CTM Training and have all of your questions answered!

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What Students Are Saying About the ClinEssentials CTM Training Course

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The CTM course exceeded my expectations and then some because of all the perks that came along with it. I enjoyed the interactive training sessions, the ability to feel comfortable enough to ask questions, and the knowledge I gained from others.

Alisha M., Associate Project Manager

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The ClinEssentials CTM Training Course made me feel confident that I could do the job. It allowed me to overcome my fear of taking on the CTM role, get out of my comfort zone, and apply for the CTM position.

Danielle S., Clinical Research Associate

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The CTM Training Course was very detailed, covering all aspects of CTM responsibilities, various challenges, and tips on how to overcome the problems that arise from Start-Up to Close-Out. I completed the course feeling confident because of the life-long access to course content and the invaluable support we get from Tiffany.

Pratibha K., Clinical Trial Associate

At ClinEssentials, we know that when Clinical Trial Managers excel in their work

they are more successful at running smooth clinical trials that prioritize patient safety and yield high-quality results, on time, and within budget. The CTM Training Course is one way we equip CTMs with the skills needed to continue and advance their career, as well as assist in their quest for work-life balance.