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What Customers Are Saying About Our Career Services

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I contacted ClinEssentials because I was worried I was doing something incorrectly with my job search. My first step was to work on my resume, which led to a job offer. I am really excited about the help I received from ClinEssentials. I 100% recommend.

Jonah Onoh, CRA

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After looking for a job for 18 months, I was looking for guidance. I am very appreciative of the advice and support given by ClinEssentials Career Services and received a job offer within 3 months of our meeting. I recommend them highly to anyone on their journey in the research field.

— Adnan Ahmed, CRC

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I have been looking for a job in the Clinical Research industry for 7 months. After speaking with ClinEssentials, I revised my resume and secured an interview within 2 weeks.

Timothy Rapuano, Looking for job in CR

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[Tiffany Ashton] was very knowledgeable about my business industry and was able to direct me on the right path to build my business. She was patient and took the time to hear and reflect on all of my concerns. She also gave good advice and I can’t wait to give her a report with the growth of my business! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Ernestine Copeland, CTM

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After applying for jobs in Clinical Research for 1 year, I contacted ClinEssentials to review my CV and cover letter. They responded immediately and found mistakes that I didn’t know about. I’m very hopeful I’ll soon secure a CRA job. Thank you for the swift response and the time to review my CV and cover letter.

— Brenda Misiko, Aspiring CRA

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Tiffany Ashton with ClinEssentials has various outlets for support including useful videos about interviews, vendor management, how to get into the field, and even interview practices. I’m thankful for her quick responses that gave me hope throughout my job search journey. After many years of looking, I now am a Lab Project Manager! Thank you for you support!

— Rhemecka Graham, Lab Project Manager

You applied, interviewed, and got the job as a CRA or CRC! Now what?

As a Clinical Research Professional, no training can fully prepare you for the daily unexpected challenges within clinical trials. They are in high demand, but the job can be overwhelming.

We assist Clinical Research Professionals with the knowledge, resources, and tools that will increase their effectiveness and lead to greater confidence at their job.

This is how our Career Services can help you level up:

Book a confidential consultation with one of our clinical research career consultants.

During our call, you will get career advice, professional development, resume review services, suggestions for tools and resources, a listening ear, etc.

Afterwards, we follow up by email to make sure you know the next steps.

Ready to Get Ahead?

Stop feeling like you don’t know what to do next! Instead, you can confidently breeze through your work days and have a fulfilling career in clinical research.