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Revolutionizing Quality & Efficiency in Clinical Research

Clinical Research Professionals waste a lot of time on disorganized communication and repetitive actions

These inefficiencies lead to frustration at the site level and often increase costs for the Sponsor or Clinical Research Organization. Additionally, the process of getting drugs or devices from Phase I to Phase IV can be significantly slowed or delayed.

At ClinEssentials, we are on a mission to revolutionize clinical research!

We provide time-saving tools that streamline the monitoring process and result in more effective communication within clinical research teams.

We also consult with clinical research team members and offer training for Clinical Trial Managers. When research professionals excel in their work, they are more successful at running smooth clinical trials that yield high-quality results, on time, and within budget.

Through ClinEssentials quality training and efficiency-producing tools, Clinical Research Professionals will be well-equipped to continue their career in the important and rewarding field of clinical research.

How a Group of Clinical Research Professionals Started to Revolutionize the Industry



  • ClinEssentials was founded in 2018 by a group of CRPs eager to improve current industry processes

Combined Experience

  • The founders of ClinEssentials brought together their years of experience to create products that simplify the jobs of individuals who work in the clinical research industry

The Biggest Challenge

  • The team agreed that one of the biggest challenges they faced as Clinical Research Professionals were the yellow sticky notes that were tedious to write, even harder to read, and way too easy to set aside and not address the actions immediately 

The Solution

  •  They knew they could come up with a solution – and that’s exactly what they did with the creation of CRA Audit Notes

And then the Magic happened

ClinEssentials provided industry professionals with CRA Audit Notes to use during their monitoring visits and asked for feedback. These professionals found that they were spending significantly less time writing the same phrases and were able to more quickly provide visit summaries to their research sites.

On the receiving end, the research sites that used the CRA Audit Notes within their monitoring space also found the CRA Audit Notes beneficial as they streamline communication and save valuable time by helping to outline now vs. later actions.

The feedback from both CRAs and CRCs proved ClinEssentials had solved an issue within the industry.


Over the years, ClinEssentials products have become an important staple in CRAs’ work bags. In addition, clinical research sites use CRA Audit Notes & Acrylic Holders in their monitoring space to improve productivity internally and to quality check their team’s work prior to monitoring visits.

From the CRA Audit Notes, the ClinEssentials’ product line has expanded to include other time-saving tools such as the CRA Tools Padfolio, Visit to Do List, and Action Item Carbonless Pad amongst others. The entire ClinEssentials collection of products are leading to standardized monitoring in the clinical research industry.

ClinEssentials products are now used worldwide, are printed in various languages, and can be customized to fit your team’s needs.

Together, research professionals and ClinEssentials can revolutionize quality and efficiency in clinical research.

All of the ClinEssentials tools are created to help streamline tasks and increase efficiency.

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