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Streamline on-site
Decrease CRA
& CRC Stress
Get more done
in less time

CRAs & CRCs Waste Valuable Time

on repetitive actions, using generic tools.

Using sticky notes has been the status quo for Clinical Research Professionals because no better alternative has been available.

These traditional yellow notes waste precious time, cause confusion and have never been adapted for use in the Clinical Research industry.
Until Now.

We Create Custom Solutions

for Clinical Research Professionals

Better On-Site Communications

When a CRA/CRC can stop wasting time writing the same things over and over again and when they do not have to decipher their colleagues’ handwriting, they can spend their time actually doing their job — and getting more done!

Happier CRAs/CRCs With Work/Life Balance

Create a better work/life balance by implementing daily efficiencies that leave CRAs/CRCs feeling accomplished and not overwhelmed. If they can be even 25% more efficient, that’s a win-win for both the CRA/CRC and the study!

More efficiency without decreasing quality

Set your company apart from the crowd by supporting your Clinical Research Professionals with tools to maximize their efficiency during and after monitoring visits. More efficient CRAs/CRCs means closing action items faster - and increasing study or site loads with ease!

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Revolutionizing clincial research

At ClinEssentials, we know the Clinical Research industry inside and out. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, we have seen the challenges over and over again.

That’s why we create products and tools that help Clinical Research Professionals be more efficient and less frustrated with their work. So together, we can breeze through the Clinical Research process — and revolutionize the medical world with new discoveries!

Happy customers

We are honored to have helped teams across the globe and at these fine companies:

Rave REviews

Love These Products!

“I love these products! At last, someone cares about improving the quality of life of a CRA, CRC, and other Clinical Research Personnel. The amount of time that these products save is unbelievable!”

Bukkie O.
Sr. Clinical Trials Coordinator

Resolving issues faster

“CRA Audit Notes makes it easier for CRAs, Study Coordinators, and other Clinical Professionals to organize, share, and review findings as needed. The custom labeling and color codes enables Clinical Personnel to identify and resolve issues faster with minimal guidance.”

Shekina W.
Clinical Research Associate

An Organized System

“The CRA Padfolio is a high quality padfolio! The display also provides less clutter and an organized system. The carbonless copy of the Action Item Pad also makes a great paper trail for items requested.”

Daniel K.
Site Optimization Specialist/Clinical Enrollment Manager

Summarize visit findings

with better accuracy and with the ability to save for multiple studies!

Perfect for Remote Monitoring visits, the Electronic Action Item Pad is a fully fillable form that can be customized for each study. Quickly add action items and due dates and send a copy to your Clinical Site Staff.

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